By now you’ve probably heard about Pokémon GO, the hottest mobile app game worldwide since it’s release just a few weeks ago. From young children to teenagers and even nostalgic young adults, people everywhere are transfixed on their phone screen, determined to catch as many Pokémon as possible during their daily routines.

The virtual reality aspect of the game means that Pokémon can show up anywhere and everywhere. In the mall, at the grocery store, in our front yard, and yes, in our roadways.

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Much like texting, the latest fad is fighting for our attention, and can be downright dangerous when combined with driving. But, as this article states, we can’t put the blame on the game itself. It’s time for us to remind ourselves and our children that safe & focused driving is the number one priority while we’re behind the wheel. Distractions are everywhere, but they can be overcome with just a bit of effort and responsibility. Say no to texting, no to games, no to anything that’s keeping your eyes off the road as the driver of a motor vehicle. It can wait.