These are high-stress times. We understand. But, don’t make the mistake of letting stress cloud your judgment, leaving you unprepared when it comes time to talk to your insurance agent.

Your personal injury car insurance claim starts at the scene of the accident. For this reason, detailed and accurate documentation is crucial. As we’ve said many times before, be sure to take several photographs of the accident scene including traffic lights, stop signs, and street signs to pinpoint your exact location. You should also take photos of damaged vehicles, involved parties & witnesses. These photographs should be presented to your insurer to aid with the accident investigation process. If you’re for any reason unable to take photos yourself, ask a witness, passenger, friend, or family member to do so on your behalf. It may make all the difference for the investigation.

From there, you’ll want to begin keeping a pain journal to track your day-to-day recovery process. Again, details are crucial. You’ll want to note the extent or severity of your pain starting from the day of your collision, noting your condition for the next several weeks or months. This journal is also where you’ll keep track of daily symptoms as well as any medical attention you receive, and specifics of medication you’ve been prescribed by your physician.

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To go along with your pain journal, you’ll want to provide your insurer with any documentation or correspondence from medical professionals whom have provided you care. This documentation includes all medical receipts for prescriptions, co-pays, and even medical equipment such as crutches, walkers, wheel chair, etc. Also, if your medical treatment requires travel, be sure to provide receipts and documentation of expenses directly linked to your travels.

Lastly, your injuries may have been so severe that you’re unable to work as a result. If this is the case, figure the income you’ve lost as a direct result of your collision.

Each step in this documentation process is necessary and vital for your personal injury claim. The more details you can provide, the better your rate of success in receiving the care and compensation you require. When it comes to personal injury, we can help. Contact the attorneys at McCoy & Hiestand to discuss your claim today.